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Draft Neighbourhood Plan (June 2015)

We have now published our Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The draft plan is the first opportunity for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to consult on the emerging policies and proposals of the Plan. The contents of this Draft Plan are therefore presented to obtain the views of the local community and other organisations on the vision, objectives and policies of the Plan.
The consultation period lasted from 22 June to 17 July and we received more than a 1,000 comments.

It's an exciting opportunity for Wantage; we hope you will take part in shaping our future.

Copies of the full Draft Plan are available here (PDF). A copy of the leaflet is available here (PDF).

The draft plan has been prepared based on work performed by volunteers in working groups and the detailed working papers and all the necessary background information on the Plan is available on our evidence page.

We have completed the consultation of the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan and are now analysing the results. Once this informal consultation exercise is complete, the Town Council and the Steering Committee will review the comments made and prepare a version of the Plan, known as the ‘Pre-Submission Plan’. This document will be bigger and will include much more detail about our aspirations and the things that we need to do to make the vision real.

It will be published for a minimum six week period for formal comments by local people and other organisations.
Once that period is completed the very final version of the Plan will be completed and submitted to the VWHDC to arrange its independent examination and then the referendum when all the voters in Wantage have an opportunity to help us make these policies part of Planning Law.

This draft plan includes 10 policies

The full policies and explanations are included in the full document as well as the first ideas for the aspirations and implementation so please take the time to obtain a copy and see the details.

  1. A Spatial Plan for Wantage
    This policy defines a development boundary around the urban area of the town to encourage high quality and appropriate development within the boundary and to confine development beyond it to that which is appropriate to the countryside.
  2. Town Centre Policy Area
    This policy encourages shops and café/restaurants in the town centre and encourages employment uses elsewhere provided they meet minimum car parking standards and any loss of existing car parking spaces is replaced.
  3. Town Centre Development
    This policy allocates land between Church Street and Portway to extend the defined town centre boundary.
  4. Design – General Principles
    This policy emphasises two especially important design principles; maintaining the views into and out of the town, and ensuring every dwelling has at least 2 parking spaces.
  5. Design – Character Areas
    This policy identifies six different character areas in the town and setting specific design parameters and maximum housing densities for each area.
  6. Design – Housing Types
    This policy requires housing schemes to focus on delivering homes to meet our needs, in particular homes that are adaptable to enable home working in respect of the number and size of habitable rooms andhave access to new broadband services infrastructure, and to make provision for bungalows.
  7. Green Infrastructure Network
    This policy proposes the establishment of the Wantage Green Infrastructure Network around and within the town of Wantage, as shown on the Policies Map.
  8. Green Infrastructure – Letcombe Brook
    This policy aims to protect the biodiversity value and the eco-system functions of Letcombe Brook.
  9. Green Infrastructure –Local Green Spaces
    This policy designates a number of Local Green Spaces in which proposals for development will be resisted, unless they meet specific requirements (see the Draft plan for details).
  10. Community Facilities
    This policy seeks to protect designated Assets of Community Value from unnecessary loss and supports the improvement and extension of these Assets and of other community land and buildings.



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